25 November, 2007

Do you want a @live.com email id?

Are you using a email address like: xxx999@hotmail.com and yyy_765@msn.com with some thing added to end of your name like ram999@hotmail.com or hari_786@msn.com and want to get a brand new Windows live email id with only your name and surname on it.

If you don't want to loose all your contact and mails and want to migrate to a new address with all your mails and contacts automatically on it then follow the instruction :

First and very important thing to note is that in this whole process never-ever use "Internet Explorer" because this trick won't work with Internet explorer.

I myself used "slim browser" which is a light weight free browser (www.flashpeak.com) and this trick is also been tested on latest version of "Mozilla Firefox"

Well, lets begin now:

Open your browser ( let me remind you once again Internet explorer and "maxthon" will not work) and go to:

and click in the link which says "Get Windows Live Hotmail" link under the heading: How to:Get a Live.com email Address

fill the regular firm and get it..

Transferring Address and contacts in Messenger:

Following process will easily transfer all of your contact list to your new id.

First login to msn (wlm) with your old id and
1. Click the 'Contact' button, of your windows live messenger and click 'Save instant messaging contacts.'
2. Save the file to your desktop.
3. Click the 'OK' button
Now logoff and login with new account and
1. Click the 'Contact' button, of your windows live messenger and click Import instant messaging contacts.'
2. Select the file you saved on your desktop and click the 'Open' button.
3. Click the 'Yes' button when asked whether to add these people to your contact list.
4. Click the 'OK' button and it'll immediately add your contacts and re-invite them to your buddy list!

Transferring all your emails and address to your new email account:

Want to make your new address your primary e-mail account? Automatically move all your existing contacts, messages, and calendar to your new Windows Live account. It's easy, quick, and secure. True Switch will even notify your Hotmail contacts that you changed e-mail addresses! Plus, TrueSwitch works with almost every popular Web-based e-mail and will not delete or change any information in your old e-mail account-so you have nothing to lose.
To do so:
Set your Web browser to http://www.trueswitch.com/winlive and follow the steps below:
1 Select the 'Terms of Service' box and click the 'Begin' button.
2. Enter your previous and new e-mail addresses and passwords and click the 'Continue' button.
3. Select the information you want to copy and click 'Submit.'

Here you can choose whether only to import your address book or address book with old emails and or even can send notification to everyone in your address book telling them that you are migrating to the new email address. Thus all of your contacts will get a notice in a single click.

It will take few hours ( they say up to 24 hours) but don't worry all of your mails including mails stored in other folders rather than "inbox" will be transferred into your new address.

Well keep in mind that any folders you have created will not go to the new address but all the messages in all folders (including the folders created by you) be in your new address.

That means "Folders" will not be transferred but contents inside the folders will be transferred ( Yeah ! your old email and the folders will be intact).

Though the folders will not be transferred but each and every mails will have a "Tag" at the end of the "subject" line that will let you know from which folder those message were transferred.

Forwarding new emails (coming to your old address) to your brand new address automatically:

Managing multiple email accounts may turn a "headache" so if you don't want to use your old hotmail account and only want to use the new one just make some adjustment in your options so that all your mails delivered to your old hotmail account will be automatically forwarded to your new @live id.

To do so:

Open your existing old hotmail and Click the 'Options' button.
And under "Manage your account" Click on 'Forward mail to another e-mail account.'
Select 'Forward your mail to another e-mail address' enter the e-mail address you want to forward the mails to, and click the 'Save' button.

Done ! you are now ready to use your Brand new @live.com id without loosing any contact, mails and incoming emails.

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