25 September, 2007

Specialty (Short Story)

News was spread that a well-known scientist of the nation had invented a special kind of mirror.

By physical appearance, the "special mirror" looked similar to any other ordinary mirror, but rather than reflecting human faces, it produced different images whenever people watched their face in it.
The scientist stated that he would disclose the specialty of the mirror later, and arranged an open exhibition of his invention. Various peoples of different cultures and personal background attended the exhibition and watched the mirror. Not a single person's face was reflected in the mirror, and different people saw different images, unimagined lights, and color combinations in the mirror.

During the last day of the exhibition, a famous leader of the nation stood in front of the mirror. He saw some unclear, faded, and devil-like black image on it and simply stated: "I didn't like the image it produced for me (when I looked at it)."

A small boy was also among the spectators, as soon as he reached in front of the mirror, he raised both of his hands in happiness and said "Wow...! This image is so beautiful... It is so colorful and attractive... I love this mirror..."

The scientist also requested a Sadhu with respect, to stand in front of his invention and asked him to give a comment. The Sadhu stood in front of the mirror, gazed at it for few seconds and simply said "I didn't see anything on it... It seems colorless like water to me..."

After getting three different and totally opposite statements about the same object, all the journalists, present at the exhibition asked the scientist to reveal the specialty of the mirror. The scientist kept quiet for a moment, took a deep breath and began, "... Well... This mirror also creates reflections, but the difference is that, it reflects the human character, nature and morality of a person, rather than the physical image".

*Sadhu : (Hinduism) an ascetic holy man.

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  1. Deelip Jee,
    Good Story. I like it.