16 June, 2008

Refresh Your Mobile Phone !

Once there was a time, when Mobile Phones or cellular phones were only ‘phones’, and the only difference was that, it could be carried in our pockets.

Time changed and technology also evolved with it. Now a days mobile phones are not only phone, it is can also be a radio, a camera a MP3 player, a fax machine, a scanner and so and so…..

As technology is evolving, those cute, handy and attractive sets of yesterdays has already became an antique piece, and today every new model is said to be carrying a newer and unique functions and utility to make the consumers work easier.

Though upgrading hardware (changing the sets) frequently, may not be possible for all of us, but we still can add some new functions and expand the usability of our old sets. In this post I am going to share some of the freeware software’s which I found useful and hope will be useful for you too:

The first freeware, I am going to recommend is: Mero Patro. If you have not used it, just go here to have a screenshots or go here to download it to your pc and transfer it to your mobile set. If your set and network supports GPRS, you can directly browse to www.baghchal.com.np/wap from your set to download and install it in your mobile set directly. It is really great utility for we Nepalese people, because it is a Nepali calendar, (lunar calendar based in Bikram Sambat) which runs without any problem in almost all Java enabled handset sets.

The second one, is a converter; that converts the dates from A.D to B.S. and vise-versa. This nice little utility can be downloaded by going to here or directly from here.

So, now, you can carry a living patro in your pocket, what about some more stuffs:-

The next software, I’d like to share is ebuddy, this is a Multi-network Mobile Messenger which supports MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and Gtalk in one single list, meaning you can carry all of your buddy list in your small handset. ebuddy supports almost all brands and varieties of models, so if you want to be online on the go just go here and download the proper version for your set . Now you can be online wherever you go.

Though there are hundreds of software’s, I am going to end this post with one more freeware. It is WWIGO (meaning Webcam Wherever I Go), it is a software which can turn your mobile phone’s camera into a webcam and a surveillance camera, depending upon how you use it. As it supports Nokia Series 60 V2.0 and Series 60 v 3.0 phones and some limited other models, please verify your sets model before download. And Yes ! it is available here.

Finally let me share a great site, where you can find some other nice, small and nifty utilities for your mobile set. It is www.getjar.com, if your set and network supports GPRS, you can go to the Wap site of same at wap.getjar.com by your mobile to find several software’s for you.

Search, Enjoy and Share!

Happy refreshing!


  1. Grea8 yaar. Thank you for sharing the fruitfull information. And hope to get more usefull information in future too. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you very much for this information.I've refered bagchal to my many frens... hehe


  3. Thanks for using MeroPatro.

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